WWI Snapshot: John Stevenson Moses 1899-1924

Several years after WWI, John Stevenson Moses was killed by gas leaking from a fixture at his residence.

NC WWI Service Card
John Stevenson Moses was born on September 29, 1899, in Morganton, NC.

On January 17, 1918, when John was 18, he enlisted at Fort Caswell. He served until December 24, 1918.

At age 25, John was killed in a tragic accident. A leaky gas fixture in his rooming house caused his death. The following accounts were published in The Washington Post.

Leaky Gas Fixtures Criticized by Coroner
Leaky gas fixtures in hotels and lodging houses, said to have caused the death of John Moses, 35 [25] years old, of Morgantown N.C., yesterday, will probably be condemned at the inquest to be held tomorrow morning, Coroner Nevitt said yesterday.

The defective gas fixture has been removed by police and will be produced as evidence at the inquest. Dr. Nevitt criticized hotel proprietors who risk the lives of their guests. The law requires gas jets to be of a safe pattern, but Coroner Nevitt wants additional law to have them regularly inspected.
Source: The Washington Post, 15 Dec 1924, p2.

More Gas-Fixture Inspectors Urged
Recommendation of the coroner’s jury that all gas fixtures in rooming houses be regularly inspected by the District may result in a request for additional inspectors, District officials said yesterday. The jury’s recommendation was made as a result of the accidental death from illuminating gas of John Moses, of Morgantown, N.C., in a room at 207 Pennsylvania avenue northwest. The gas fixture in the room was defective, although Carl Smith, the dead man’s roommate, testified the gas had been blown out.

Inspection of gas fixtures is made now, Plumbing Inspector McGonegal said yesterday.
Source: The Washington Post, 18 Dec 1924, p24.

John Stevenson Moses’ death likely saved many lives. His gravesite has not been located.

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