Honor a Brunswick County World War I Veteran

Announcement: Honor a Brunswick County World War I Veteran
How to Honor a Brunswick County World War I Veteran

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World War I Commemoration Ceremonies

The World War I Commemoration Ceremony: April 6, 2018 and World War I Commemoration Ceremony: April 8, 2017 were sponsored by the Brunswick Town Chapter DAR and the Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range at the site of the historical rifle pit.

World War I Wall of Honor

View the World War I Wall of Honor, a collection of photographs and biographies sent in by followers of the Friends of the Fort Caswell Rifle Range to commemorate the rifle pit’s centennial year in 2018.

The U.S. participation in World War I


1914, August

Germany declares war against France and England

1917, April 6

United States declares war against Germany

1917, June

The American Expeditionary Force (AEF) begins arriving in France

1918, March

At this time, there are 250,000 U.S. soldiers in France. This number increases to 1 million by July and to 2 million by November.

1918, November 11

The government of Germany signs Armistice, Western Front

U.S. Army Mobilized:


U.S. Army War Dead:

(overseas & domestic)
Killed in action: 36,931
Died of wounds: 13,673
Died of disease: 62,668
Other: 6,872

Total wounded:


Total casualties:


Prisoners of war and missing: