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Back Porch Rockers to perform on August 15

The next fundraiser to support the Fort Caswell Rifle Range is Oktoberfest in Caswell Beach (October 12, 2019) which includes music by the Back Porch Rockers.

Randy Lewis from Back Porch Rockers asked us to share this invitation which he posted on their Facebook page.

Hey folks, come on out and join us Thursday evening from 6pm – 8pm on August 15th as we perform as part of the Southport Summer Concert Series down at Franklin Square Park. Bring a chair, blanket, something to eat, a beverage and enjoy an evening in one of the most beautiful settings here in Southport. Dance and sing along with The Back Porch Rockers as we perform classic rock favorites by artists such as Eric Clapton, The Eagles, ZZ Top, Tom Petty and many others. It should be a fun-filled evening as the band brings back memories of our younger years.

If you are familiar with our band, you know that we always perform for a cause and this concert is no different. Any and all donations will be used to benefit the “Up Your Arts” program here in the Southport area. Up Your Arts is a non profit organization founded in 2017 to support and enhance the creative and performing arts throughout the greater Southport area.

See their Facebook page for information regarding their future performances.

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Bands were a hit at Dinner, Derby & Dance


It may have been hot, but the bands were hotter!

Despite the controversy regarding the Derby winner at Churchhill Downs, Kentucky, the unsung heroes of the Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range fundraiser on May 4, 2019, were the bands: Trilogy, Three to Get Ready and Jimmy on the keyboard.

Both bands and Jimmy offered the talents of music to the primary fundraiser for the restoration of the World War I, National Historic Preservation site in Caswell Beach, the Honor a Brunswick County WWI Veteran and the future book to be published and placed in the schools and libraries. The rifle pit was once a training location for soldiers in defense of our country in 1918, until the end of the Great War and WW II. The site, long neglected, has been the beneficiary of grants, pro bono services, and fund raising dollars for eight years.

Three to Get Ready

The bands providing entertainment for the Derby Day event donated their costs to the cause. Peter Borgia of Three to Get Ready, Jimmy Maglio of Trilogy, and fellow band members kept the audience on its feet for the four hour, Dinner, Derby, and Dance, at the fire station in Caswell Beach Town, NC. Representing several genres of music, the event began with the smooth jazz sounds of Three to Get Ready, and concluded the evening with a rock and roll journey to the sounds of Trilogy. During the dinner hour, Jimmy Maglio and Paul Wood enhanced the dining experience with a piano and saxophone duo.

Besides the musical event there were Best Hat and Best Dressed Couple contests.

Richard & Jean Malinofsky won Best Dressed Couple;
Pat Rizzo won Best Hat, Female; and
David Smith won Best Hat, Male.

A 50/50 raffle, Kentucky Derby betting, Themed Baskets for the silent auction, and a fantastic buffet, hosted by Turtle Island catering, completed the evening festivities. Over $2000 was raised. Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range are grateful for the generous contributions of the sponsors, the town of Caswell Beach for the use of the public facility building (fire station), and the support of those who attended.

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May 7, 2019: Dedication of the Robert Bollie Stanley military style marker

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, the Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range, along with members of the Brunswick Town Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, paid tribute to Pvt Robert Bollie Stanley, WWI Brunswick County veteran and only known POW.

The flat military style marker which was installed and dedicated was purchased with funds donated by Allen Dunstan, an out of town visitor who was deeply touched by Pvt Stanley’s sacrifice.

Seven of Pvt Stanley’s descendants along with a friend attended the ceremony and received the thanks and recognition for his sacrifice.

The family members, pictured from left to right.

  • Vivian Stanley, granddaughter
  • Leroy Hill, grandson
  • Ellis Stanley, cousin
  • Deborah Bolin, granddaughter
  • Fred Stanley, grandson
  • Anna White, granddaughter
  • Joe Stanley, cousin

Norma Eckard read a short biography during the ceremony.

Robert Bollie Stanley was born and raised in Shallotte.

He was called to duty for World War I on March 29, 1918, training in Camp Grant, Illinois. Pvt Stanley served with the 92nd Division, nicknamed the “Buffalo Soldiers” in honor of African American troops who served in the American West after the Civil War. There were only two divisions in World War I having African American combat units, the 92nd “Buffalo Soldiers” and the 93rd “Blue Hat” Divisions.

Robert Stanley was one of only nine known African American men from Brunswick County who served in a combat position.

During the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, on October 29, 1918, Pvt Stanley was captured by the enemy. He was released about a month later, on November 27, 1918. Pvt Stanley returned to America on March 24, 1919, with his right leg amputated at the thigh. He was discharged from the US Army on August 25, 1919, with a 95% disability.

Robert Bollie Stanley married and raised several children. He was laid to rest on September 22, 1961, at age 66.

Pvt Robert Bollie Stanley’s WWI Profile can be read for more details here.

During the dedication ceremony, Joe Stanley unveiled the marker. After the prayer, “Taps” was played.

The script for the ceremony is available here: Robert Bollie Stanley Dedication Ceremony

The family shared a photo of Pvt Stanley in uniform, which stirred emotions as we recalled his sacrifices.

Following the dedication of the marker, the family members were invited to share stories of Pvt Stanley.

Fred “Stan” Stanley, grandson, was adopted by his grandfather and raised like a son. Pvt Stanley raised several young children on his own after the death of his wife at a young age. Stan remembered him being in frequent pain, but rarely complained. Stan and his grandfather were always together.

Stan was 17 years old when his grandfather suffered a stroke. Delaying his entrance into the Navy, he stayed with his grandfather until he “took his last breath” in September.

Both Stan and Joe Stanley, cousin, commented that their grandfather never spoke about WWI.

Deborah Bolin, granddaughter, was wearing a brooch owned by her mother, Pvt Stanley’s daughter. She shared that her mother was very special to her.

Joe Stanley remarked that Pvt Stanley was “a fabulous man.”

Stan shared more information via email after the ceremony, including this comment.

“God has blessed me and allowed me to see and do so much, and even more so, allowed me to witness such an amazing recognition of my grandfather’s sacrifice.”  ~Fred “Stan” Stanley

More memories may be added later.

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Honoring Pvt Robert Bollie Stanley: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range and the Brunswick Town Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution will honor Pvt Robert Bollie Stanley tomorrow with the installation of a military style marker.

The funds for this marker were donated by Allen Dunstan, an out of town visitor who was deeply touched by Pvt Stanley’s sacrifice.

Read more here:
Donor honors WWI POW Robert Bollie Stanley with military marker

Pvt Stanley is buried in Stanley Cemetery in Shallotte. The ceremony will begin at 11 am.

WWI Profiles will resume next week.

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Dinner, Derby, & Dance this Saturday

Tickets still available. Call now!

May 4, 2019 (Saturday) 4:00 – 9:00 pm
Fundraiser: Dinner, Derby and Dance
New! Click to view program/handout
Click to view flyers
Location: Caswell Beach Town Public Facility Building
Hat contests, 50/50, Churchill Downs Betting, Blind Pool, Raffle for a Cause, Mint Juleps & much more!
Music by Trilogy & Three to Get Ready.
Catering by Turtle Island Restaurant & Catering

  • Call 278-7584 for tickets

Beautiful themed baskets to benefit the 1918 Fort Caswell Rifle Range have been assembled.

Read more about the baskets here.

All proceeds from the event will be used to continue the preservation of the 1918 Fort Caswell Rifle Range, an Official National WWI Centennial Memorial; and to help publish the book through the Honor a Brunswick County WWI Veteran program that began in 2017.

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Themed baskets are available this year at Derby, Dinner, & Dance

Themed baskets are back!
They were a popular item last year.

Baskets shown below are from the 2018 fundraiser.
Like last year, local artist Helen Radcliffe is leading the effort with assistance from Jayne Rankin.

Many items were donated by local businesses.

All donations from local businesses will be compiled and published soon.

Baskets are divided into categories or themes, such as:

Italian Night
Let’s Hit Some Golf Balls!
Spa Day
Lighthouse Magic
Flamingo Beach
Mermaids and More
Books and Notes

Click here for more information about the Dinner, Derby, & Dance Fundraiser to support the 1918 Fort Caswell Rifle Range.

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Dinner, Derby, & Dance set for May 4, 2019


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2019 April 6th WWI Commemoration and Roll Call

Approximately 75 people attended the Commemoration of the US entry into WWI on a breezy Saturday morning on April 6, 2019. The program began at 11:00am.

Click here to view program: 2019 April 6 Program

Thank you to those who attended and the marvelous supporters and donors!

The Roll Calls

The Roll Calls were assembled using the names of Brunswick County WWI veterans. Roll Calls will continue during future ceremonies. All veterans honored with a donation have been called.

As a reminder, here are the 439 names that have been called to date:

Please consider honoring those veterans that have not yet been honored.

Photos courtesy of Christine Urick and Phyllis Wilson. Thank you!

More photos coming soon!

A special thanks to these local high school students:

Eagle Scout Ethan Pannkuk,
South Brunswick High School JROTC members:

  • Megan Carmichael
  • Riley Cheek – Roll Call
  • Joshua Creech
  • Brannon Guertin
  • Brady Udlinek
  • Christian Wells
  • Tyress Hall – Bugler

and Daniel Corbett, Sergeant First Class, US Army (Retired), who contacted The Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range to offer the participation of the South Brunswick High School JROTC.

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Commemoration and Roll Call to be held on April 6, 2019

On Saturday, April 6th at 11:00 am at the National WWI Centennial Memorial, the 1918 Fort Caswell Rifle Range, the Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range & the Brunswick Town Chapter NSDAR will sponsor another event to continue Roll Calling Brunswick County men who served in WWI.

  • The South Brunswick High School Color Guard will be present.
  • Jim McKee, Brunswick Town/Ft Anderson site manager will speak.
  • Carl Mauney, WWI Re-enactor in full uniform will discuss the Life of a WWI Soldier.
  • Cindy Sellers will present a medley of WWI songs.
  • Descendants of veterans; Ethan Pannkuk, Eagle Scout; & community members will continue the Roll Call of Brunswick County WWI military.
  • “Thor” the cannon will be fired by the Southport Historical Society Firing Crew.
  • Taps will be played.
  • Lite lunch w/coffee, tea or cocoa will be served by supporters.

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A new year brings new goals

Caswell Beach Mayor Deborah Ahlers poses in front of the WWI Monument after receiving the WWI Centennial Memorial Certificate

A year of hard work, contributions, and support from the community for the Honor a Brunswick County World War I Veteran program culminated on Veterans Day 2018 with the installation and dedication of the Brunswick County WWI Monument at the Fort Caswell Rifle Range.

We thank the community for their help and for sharing the stories of the sacrifices made not only by the men, women, and families of Brunswick County during World War I, but our ancestors around the country. (Posted Brunswick County WWI Profiles begin with Wagoner Dorman Mercer, while submitted photos and stories can be read on our WWI Wall of Honor.)

In a few weeks, we’ll conclude the weekly WWI Profiles on the website for Brunswick County veterans identified as wounded or died while serving. WWI Profiles will then be posted for the Brunswick County veterans on the WWI Wall of Honor. (Note that the website is about 5 months ahead with profiles that The Brunswick Beacon has not yet published.)

We are grateful that The Brunswick Beacon continues to publish the weekly WWI Profiles. To see the list of the profiles published on the website and those in The Brunswick Beacon as well as other local newspapers, see the list here.

WWI photos and information are always welcome.

New Goals

Stabilization of the target pit has been achieved; restoration is next. A book is planned this year, which will require funding. The Honor a Brunswick County WWI veteran program will continue; donations of any amount are encouraged to honor all of the Brunswick County WWI veterans. To date, 401 of 724 have been honored.

Goals and a detailed list of funds needed will be posted soon.


The Fundraising tab at the top of the website has been replaced by the Events tab. There are several events already planned, such as commemorating the US Entry into WWI, the Armistice, and the Installation and Dedication of the military marker to honor the only known WWI POW Pvt Robert Bollie Stanley.

New Fundraisers

2018 was the sixth and last of the Kentucky Derby Day fundraisers. New fundraising events are planned. These will be posted in the Events section of the website.

New Board Members

With the completion of the memorial and the designation of the Fort Caswell Rifle Range as an official US WWI Centennial Memorial, new board members have been selected. Information will be posted soon.

Thank you for your support!

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