WWI Snapshot: Allen Miles Simmons 1890-1963

Allen Miles Simmons was born in Mill Branch, Brunswick County, NC, according to his NC WWI Service Card (below).

This photo is shown in Findagrave, undated.

Exact dates of his service are difficult to determine. Three documents shown below were used to piece together possible enlistment and discharge dates. It’s unusual to have such disparate dates, although it is seen more often for those who were serving in the Regular Army or National Guard when the US entered WWI. Allen was serving in the Regular Army. That is the assumed explanation for the discrepancy.

His NC WWI Service Card shows he enlisted on February 23, 1916, at Columbus Banks, Ohio. His discharge is listed as November 21, 1918, and shows he re-enlisted.

His Application for Military Headstone shows his enlistment date as November 22, 1919, with discharge date as November 21, 1920. The back of the application continues that his re-enlistment was November 24, 1920, with a final discharge date of July 18, 1921. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Finally, his VA Index Card shows he enlisted on April 6, 1917, and was discharged on November 21, 1920.

Combining all reports of his service, the assumption is he served from his initial enlistment on February 23, 1916, through his honorable discharge on November 24, 1920.

Corporal Simmons served in the Coastal Artillery Corps (CAC) in Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, which explains why his military flat marker indicates Rhode Island.

By 1930, he was married and farming in Bolton, Columbus County, NC. The 1940 US Census shows he and his wife continued to raise a family in Bolton. He was employed by the government for road work.

Allen’s gravesite has a headstone pictured in Findagrave, which reads, “Here lies the greatest deer hunter.”

Several local newspapers included articles mentioning his hunting skills. One from 1941 is printed below.

“Allen Simmons, who lives on the ‘Possum Island plantation about nine miles south of Bolton, has seen much evidence of wild deer where they have been roaming over his potato patch, not far from his home. They seemed to like to frolic there. And, since he was an experienced hunter, and especially fond of deer steak, he let them romp at will until the law came off [deer hunting season began].

“One morning last week he went out to this potato patch, hoping, and feeling very confident, that he would find at least one nice buck in there. But no, it wasn’t a deer this time. Instead, there was a black bear in there. Whether the bear was grabbing spuds, or not, we have not been able to learn. But, if he was, they were his last.”

Source: Joseph Hufman. “Farm Reporter Picks up Interesting News Items.” The Wilmington Morning Star [Wilmington, NC], 1941 Oct. 20, p. 8.

Allen Miles Simmons took his life on June 1, 1963, at age 73.

He was laid to rest in Griffin Cemetery in Ash.

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