In the News – November 4-5, 2020

The book signing and purchase events were covered in the local newspapers this week, accompanied by several photos.

The Brunswick Beacon published Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range host book-signing event

Lee Hinnant from the State Port Pilot attended and covered the event in Great War book out; focuses on county

As always a big Thank you! to our valuable local media for continuing to publicize and support our efforts. And another Thank you! to Phyllis Wilson for the photos, most of which were used in the published stories.

A reminder that Brunswick Beacon continues to publish weekly WWI Profiles and Snapshots, an effort of over two years. We thank them for preserving the legacies of our WWI veterans.

These stories and the Brunswick Beacon’s weekly profiles can also be found by selecting the News section at the top of the website.

Newspaper articles courtesy of
The State Port Pilot
Brunswick Beacon

The next book signing and purchase event is scheduled this Saturday (November 7, 2020), noon – 3 pm at the Caswell Beach Town Hall. Read the previous post with details here or select the Events section at the top of the website.

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