National School Nurse Day

Today is National School Nurse Day.

School nursing is not a typical topic on a WWI and historical preservation blog. However, there is a small connection.

The WWI Profiles of Brunswick County veterans are about to end. Profiles for the Fort Caswell WWI nurses will begin and they were an impressive group of women.

It just happens that two of the nurses who served at Fort Caswell during WWI became school nurses after the war.

Ida Estelle Trollinger was employed as a Wake County Raleigh City School Nurse for many years, then became Head Nurse in the Infirmary at North Carolina State College (now NC State University).

Frances Cordelia “Fannie” Boulware was Head Nurse in the Infirmary at Furman University (Greenville, SC).

These were the women who cared for Brunswick County WWI soldiers at Fort Caswell, then may have cared for them or their children or grandchildren at school after the war.

The WWI Fort Caswell Nurse Profiles will begin in a few weeks.

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