Countdown to the Derby Day Fundraiser: 9 Days

The Tabletop Races are a fun activity during the Derby Day Fundraiser.

There are six races with six horses each. Each horse has an owner, which costs $10.

Some horses are still available. Click here to view the list.

For several years, horses were given names using words associated with the area, such as Gator Bait and Bunker Beauty.

Last year, the focus was on WWI. The horse names were Over There and Meuse-Argonne, among others.

With the launch of the Honor a Brunswick County WWI Veteran program on November 11, 2017, it seemed appropriate to create names that would recall the courage and strength of the county’s veterans.

Each horse name is in honor of a veteran who was killed, died of disease, or wounded. The name is taken from division or unit mottoes, nicknames, or something similar.

Names were created such as Everlasting Support, a motto created later for the 105th Engineers, Undaunted, the motto for the 119th Infantry, Old Hickory, the nickname for the 30th Division (the division served by more NC veterans than any other), and Hindenburg Line, the assault that made the 30th Division famous and led to the end of the war. Click here to view the Brunswick County WWI Army/Marine veteran rosters.

Fort Caswell nurses are also honored with their own race, with horses named after their residence at enlistment. For example, Chief Nurse Nellie E. Davis served at Fort Caswell during WWI. She was from Denver, Colorado; a horse was named Denver in her honor.

Click here to see all of the horse names, along with a link that lists those veterans being honored.

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