Eagle Scout Service Project: Day 1

Ethan Pannkuk, the Eagle Scout Candidate from Troop 210 in Carolina Beach, arrived yesterday with his fellow Boy Scouts and friends for two days of grueling work at the 1918 Fort Caswell Rifle Range. They quickly began the work he has been planning for many months. The two Caswell Dunes maintenance employees, Joe & Dee, and even Dee’s husband pitched in some to help.

Those from Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range watching them heave shovelful after shovelful of wet dirt over the wall were amazed at their energy. This work is something the Friends have been anticipating since Ethan began his proposal.

The Scouts left at the end of the day for a night at Fort Caswell. Did they imagine themselves as Doughboys from 1918, returning to the fort after a hard day of practice at the rifle range?

They returned bright and early today, Saturday, at 8:30am to resume the work. Read about Day 2.

Thank you, Ethan and friends!


Ethan, in blue, observing the work.

All hard at work with shovels.

Exposing the back wall for stabilization.

Progress. The remains of the targets can be seen on the floor of the target pit.

Ethan preparing dinner on the clubhouse deck.


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