Derby Day fundraiser adds over $2000 to stabilization fund

Thanks to numerous volunteers, 65 attendees, and many donations, the Derby Day fundraiser net $2778.50 to the stabilization fund.

The interior and exterior of the Caswell Dunes clubhouse was decked out with patriotic red, white and blue. The flags of France, Britain, and the US waved in the wind on the deck where guests gathered. Also featured was the National World War I Centennial Flag that will be used in future commemoration events during the next year and a half.

The table top horse races brought cheers for horses with names such as Pershing, Red Baron, Marne, and “Over There.” A Military Moment was given before each race by Carl Mauney, a World War I re-enactor from Pennsylvania who graciously educated everyone at the commemoration last month. Attendees’ ancestors who served in the war were highlighted during this time. Norman Sprinthall gave a brief history of the US preparation and involvement in World War I, and Taps was played. Funds were raised in other activities and games, and particularly in the Silent Auction, using donated items from merchants and members of the community.

Anyone wishing to become a part of the planning for next year’s Derby fundraiser should email To make a donation click on the donate button on the website.

More news of the event will be posted soon. Thank you for your support!

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