Spotlight: Marti Hardy

Marti Hardy

Local artist and Caswell Beach Commissioner Marti Hardy created and donated a total of four striking stained glass and mosaic art pieces for past Kentucky Derby fundraisers.

The first two are pictured below.

Marti is holding Beach Parade, a table display of swimming fish mounted on driftwood that Marti discovered on Caswell Beach, while Joan Van Noordt is holding Bunker Serenity, an abstract piece depicting the rifle range and surrounding landscape.

The remaining two, created and donated the following year, include At Peace with Nature, a stained glass design showing part of the rifle range wall surrounded by trees with a squirrel resting on the wall, and a red-headed woodpecker on the side of a tree. The scene is drastically different from what the area might have looked like almost 100 years ago, surrounded by the military engaged in marksmanship, noise everywhere. Marti chose a serene setting for her work, keeping the focus on history, showing the peacefulness of the area by including animals in their habitat.

Her focus for the mosaic is The Yellow Belly Fish of Caswell Beach. It has a yellow belly and is surrounded by seaweed as it floats through the water. The fish has an orange tail with neutral colored fins and gills.

The Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range earned $600 through Marti’s stained glass pieces.

Thank you, Marti, for these gorgeous treasures!

To read more details on the stained glass piece and auction, see newspaper articles:

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