Spotlight: Jim McKee

Jim McKee

Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson Site Manager Jim McKee (formerly the Historical Interpreter at that site) began working with the Caswell Dunes volunteer Landscape/Grounds Committee in 2011 when we needed advice on what this structure actually was and what to do with it.

After the first visit, Jim brought the NC State Historic Preservation Office staff and others to the site to identify the WW I structure. Jim continued to donate hours of work on his day off from his position at Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson to assist us clearing years of soil from the bottom of the pit.

Recently he supported engineers Paul Shivers and Brian Ross by being on site when they were identifying trees that compromised the passageway wall. Jim continues to stay in touch with the Friends by suggesting ways the World War I Centennial may be approached.

Thank you, Jim, for six years of guidance!

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