Honor a Brunswick County WWI Veteran: Donors

Example of Donor’s Certificate and NC WWI Service Card

  Brunswick County WWI Veteran Donor
1 Wag Junius Jackson Jr Adams Anonymous
2 PFC Maygrett Wayland Adams Anonymous
3 Seaman 2nd Class Will Gay Adams Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
4 PVT Harry Andrews Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
5 SGT Spurgeon Andrews Elizabeth A. Albee
6 SGT Lewis W Anthony Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
7 PVT Robert James Arkwarn Russell G. Barlowe
8 Surfman David Ernest Arnold Russell G. Barlowe
9 Fireman 3rd Class Frederick Dennis Arnold Russell G. Barlowe
10 PVT John Julius Arnold Russell G. Barlowe
11 PVT Paul Swindell Ashby Anonymous
12 SGT Mack D Atkins Anonymous
13 PVT Solomon Atkins Russell G. Barlowe
14 Surfman Owen West Austin Elizabeth A. Albee
15 PVT Hilbert Baldwin Anonymous
16 CPL Edgar Levett Ballard Anonymous
17 Cook John Thomas Ballard Theodore and Frances Carlsen; Brunswick County Historical Society
18 CPL Lawson Devaun Ballard Russell G. Barlowe
19 PVT William H Ballard Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
20 PVT Oliver Banks Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
21 Machinists Mate 2nd Class Paul Mazyck Barnwell Russell G. Barlowe
22 CPL Thomas C Batson Russell G. Barlowe
23 PVT Albert Caster Beck Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
24 PVT David D Beck Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
25 Pharmacists Mate 3rd Class Leroy Albert Beck Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
26 PVT Weaver Beck Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
27 Cook Elery Bell Russell G. Barlowe
28 PVT Moses Bell Russell G. Barlowe
29 Cook Richard Bell Russell G. Barlowe
30 PVT Charlie Bellamy Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
31 PVT Hiram V Bellamy Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
32 PVT Jasper Bellamy Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
33 PVT Robert Bellamy Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
34 PVT William H Bellamy Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
35 PVT Lewis Benjamin Don and Ruth Beck and Eddie and Allison Toth
36 PVT Simon Benjamin Darby and Judy Whitlow
37 PVT Lingham F Bennett Darby and Judy Whitlow
38 PFC Samuel M Bennett Darby and Judy Whitlow
39 PVT Walter C Bennett Darby and Judy Whitlow
40 PFC Kinnie Benton Darby and Judy Whitlow
41 PVT Luther Marvin Benton Theodore and Frances Carlsen
42 Hospital Apprentice 1st Class McDonald Benton Russell G. Barlowe
43 PVT William Tanner Benton Darby and Judy Whitlow
44 PVT Levi Berry Darby and Judy Whitlow
45 PFC Pearl Best Anonymous
46 PVT John R Blackson Darby and Judy Whitlow
47 PFC Luther G Bland Darby and Judy Whitlow
48 Bglr Willie Blount Darby and Judy Whitlow
49 PFC William L Boyette Anonymous
50 Seaman 2nd Class Bedford Lee Roy Brady Russell G. Barlowe
51 Seaman 2nd Class Eudie Palmer Brady Russell G. Barlowe
52 PVT Oliver W Brady Anonymous
53 Seaman Prince Edison Brady Russell G. Barlowe
54 PVT Alex A Brinkley Anonymous
55 Keeper Samuel Brinkman Russell G. Barlowe
56 Landsman for Electrician Radio William Marston Brinkman Russell G. Barlowe
57 PFC Walter Stephen Brock Elizabeth A. Albee
58 PFC Ernest J Brooks Darby and Judy Whitlow
59 PVT William Frederick Brooks Russell G. Barlowe
60 PFC Charlie Brown Darby and Judy Whitlow
61 COL Earl I Brown Darby and Judy Whitlow
62 Mess Attendant 2nd Class Freddie C Brown Darby and Judy Whitlow
63 PVT Guy Brown Barbara A. Griffin
64 PVT Henry Clayton Brown Darby and Judy Whitlow
65 PVT Jackson Brown Darby and Judy Whitlow
66 PVT Joseph N Brown Darby and Judy Whitlow
67 PVT Marion Brown Darby and Judy Whitlow
68 PVT Sam Brown Darby and Judy Whitlow
69 PVT Arthur Bryant Darby and Judy Whitlow
70 PVT David Bryant Anonymous
71 PFC Jack L Bryant Nancy Freeman
72 PVT Joseph Rinestein Burney Nancy Freeman
73 PVT Thomas J Butler Nancy Freeman
74 PVT Paul W Cable Anonymous
75 PVT Benjamin Kelly Caison Brunswick County Historical Society
76 PVT James Cline Caison Nancy Freeman
77 PVT John Hillery Caison Theodore and Frances Carlsen
78 Sdlr Lewis Caison Nancy Freeman
79 Cook Sheppard Campbell Carol A. Jutte
80 PVT Henry Walker Cannon Nancy Freeman
81 PFC John W Carlisle Theodore and Frances Carlsen
82 PVT Perry Green Carlisle Nancy Freeman
83 Yeoman 3rd Class James Edward Carr Nancy Freeman
84 PVT Pender Carr Anonymous
85 SFC Ernest D Cavenaugh Nancy Freeman
86 PVT Harry S Chadwick Nancy Freeman
87 PVT Harvey T Chadwick Theodore and Frances Carlsen
88 Seaman 2nd Class Calvin Alonza Chinnis Thomas F. Connelly and Mary Lou Connelly
89 PVT Commodore Clarence Chinnis Thomas F. Connelly and Mary Lou Connelly
90 PFC Harry Clayton Chinnis Thomas F. Connelly and Mary Lou Connelly
91 PFC Horace Lee Chinnis Thomas F. Connelly and Mary Lou Connelly
92 CPL Joseph Wheeler Sr Chinnis Thomas F. Connelly and Mary Lou Connelly
93 Seaman 2nd Class Michael Burriss Chinnis Russell G. Barlowe
94 CPL Roy Mayzon Chinnis Russell G. Barlowe
95 CPL Calmer Thomas Clemmons Judy Holden
96 Mech Durward B Clemmons Russell G. Barlowe
97 SGT Henry Lindon Clemmons His grandchildren: Gwen Causey, Stewart Clemmons, Elaine Wright, Julie Robinson, Edwina Miras
98 Cook James Clemmons Patricia Steele
99 PVT Joseph Leverit Clemmons Susan and Vincent Mercurio
100 PVT Julius Harvey Clemmons Dana M. Majernik
101 PVT Lennox Walker Clemmons Russell G. Barlowe
102 Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Loyd Leaton Clemmons Anonymous
103 PVT Oscar Moody Clemmons Anonymous
104 PVT Thurston Clemmons Anonymous
105 PVT William H Clemmons
106 Hs Daniel Russell Cliff
107 PVT Walter Coleman Russell G. Barlowe
108 Wag Pearl Collum Brunswick County Historical Society
109 Wag William Pursley Cameron
110 PVT Harry C Jr Corlette
111 Fireman 1st Class Charles McKeithen Cox Robert and Pamela Schottfeld
112 PVT John B Cox
113 PVT John Franklin Cox David and Beverly Stevens
114 PVT Marcellus Cox
115 PVT Samuel Peter Cox
116 PVT Thurman L Cox
117 PVT Frank Crawford
118 PVT Clarence Cumbee
119 PVT James H Dalrymple Anonymous
120 PVT John P Dalrymple Anonymous
121 Boatswains Mate 1st Class John S Dalton
122 PVT Carl Jefferson Danford Heather Holbrook
123 PVT Henry Benjamin Danford
124 Machinists Mate 2nd Class Edward Gause Daniels
125 SGT Allen L Davis William and Sidney Grove
126 PVT Elmer Davis
127 Ships Cook 2nd Class George A Davis
128 PVT James Davis
129 PVT Joseph Davis
130 Surfman Lester Davis
131 PVT Mike Davis
132 PFC Ralph Taylor Davis
133 SGT Roy Davis Anonymous
134 Ensign William Dunbar Davis
135 Boatswains Mate 2nd Class William S Davis
136 CPL Matthew Delt
137 PFC Dossie P Dinwiddie William and Sidney Grove
138 SGT Caleb Dixon William and Sidney Grove
139 2LT Gustave Dopp Anonymous
140 PFC Charles Edward Dosher Brunswick County Historical Society
141 Cook David L Dosher Judy Holden
142 PVT Harry Lee Dosher Brunswick County Historical Society
143 Mech John P Dosher Brunswick County Historical Society
144 1LT Julius A Dosher Brunswick County Historical Society
145 2LT Wilbur Randall Dosher Brunswick County Historical Society
146 CPL Charles Byron Drew Brunswick County Historical Society
147 PVT Samuel Dudley
148 PVT Aaron Dunmore
149 Seaman 2nd Class Edward Harelson Edge
150 PVT Isaac Frederick Edge
151 Seaman James Coy Edwards Judy Holden
152 PVT John Edward Eichon
153 PVT General Ransom Ennis
154 Mech William Langhorne Eppes Anonymous
155 Wag John Daniel Eriksen Trudy Young
156 PFC Battie Hilburn Evans
157 PVT James D Evans Anonymous
158 PFC John William Evans
159 PVT Oliver Evans Patricia Steele
160 PFC John Everette
161 PVT James W Fair Russell G. Barlowe
162 PVT Jake Farmer Anonymous
163 SGT Robert G Farmer Elizabeth A. Albee
164 PVT Dallas Fennell
165 PVT Hulon Flowers
166 PVT Willie Flowers
167 PFC Paul L Fly Anonymous
168 SGT Claude A Ford Anonymous
169 PVT Ulmot Ford Patricia Steele
170 PVT Hiram Jerome Formyduval
171 Storekeeper 3rd Class William Baker Fountain
172 CPL Alexander Frink
173 Cook Bennir Frink
174 PVT David Bertram Frink Daughter Doris F. Redwine and grandson Edward David Redwine
175 PVT Marshall A Frink William and Sidney Grove
176 PFC Samuel Joseph Frink  
177 Seaman Samuel Benjamin Frink
178 Fireman 3rd Class Stephan Putnam Frink
179 PVT William Frink
180 PVT William L Fryar
181 PVT Herman Dan Fulford Judy Holden
182 PVT Samuel Goodman Fulford Brunswick County Historical Society
183 PVT William Thomas Fullwood
184 PFC Calvin Galloway
185 CPL David Galloway
186 PVT John Wesley Galloway
187 1LT John L Galloway
188 PFC John Westleh Galloway Anonymous
189 PFC John Westley Galloway
190 PVT Johnnie C Galloway
191 PVT Maceo Galloway
192 PVT Sylvester Galloway
193 PVT William Galloway
194 PFC William Oliver Galloway
195 PVT Dillon L Ganey
196 PFC James Rotha Ganey
197 PFC John Q Gardner Anonymous
198 SGT Horace C Garrason
199 PFC John Garriss Anonymous
200 SGT Edward Gerkin Anonymous
201 PVT George A Gibson Barbara A. Griffin
202 CPL Grover C Gilbert
203 Hs James E Gilbert
204 PFC Jesse B Glenn
205 Ensign Horace Dale Glover
206 PVT Castello Goodman
207 PVT John L Goodman
208 PVT Pazley Goodman
209 PFC William James Gordon Peggy Harris
210 Seaman 2nd Class Albert Bradey Gore
211 PVT Edward V Gore
212 Wag Erie J Gore
213 PVT Govner Gore
214 Wag James Varney Gore
215 PVT John L Gore
216 Seaman 2nd Class William Henry Gore
217 PVT Vangles Grant Anonymous
218 PFC Harvey Winfield Gray Brunswick County Historical Society
219 PVT Oscar Llewellyn Gray Brunswick County Historical Society
220 PFC Richard Herbert Gray Brunswick County Historical Society
221 SGT Thomas L Gray Anonymous
222 PVT Willie M Gray Brunswick County Historical Society
223 PVT Jimmie Griffin Anonymous
224 Cook George W Grissett William and Sidney Grove
225 PVT Man Grissett
226 PFC Willie Grissett
227 PVT Charles S Haithcock Anonymous
228 PVT Henry Hall
229 PVT Manning Hall Elizabeth A. Albee
230 Surfman Mannie Hancock
231 PVT Robert Hankins
232 PFC Roger Hankins
233 Fireman 3rd Class Charlie James Hardy
234 PVT Alfred Haredy
235 Surfman John Harker
236 Lt Commander Fred Kidder Harper
237 PVT Columbus Harris Anonymous
238 PVT Sandy Harrison
239 PVT James Hayes
240 CPL Elder Eugene Heath Judy Holden
241 1SG Arthur W Heatherly Anonymous
242 PVT Floyd K Henry
243 PVT Albert Hewett
244 PVT Berman William Hewett
245 Seaman 2nd Class Brady Hewett
246 PVT Charles A Hewett
247 PFC David O Hewett
248 CPL George Harker Hewett Annetta L. Clark
249 PVT Harvey F Hewett
250 PVT Henry Remmel Hewett
251 PVT Hiram Hewett
252 PVT James Hewett
253 PVT James B Hewett
254 PVT John E Hewett
255 PVT Newman G Hewett
256 PVT Prince A Hewett
257 Seaman 2nd Class Tilmon Hewett
258 PVT William Artheuer Hewett
259 PVT William Cross Hewett Brunswick County Historical Society
260 Bglr Willie Hasper Hewett Russell G. Barlowe
261 PVT George Hewette
262 PVT Samuel Hewette
263 PVT Ben Hewitt
264 PVT Willie A Hewitt
265 SGT Charles O Hickle Anonymous
266 PVT Forney A Hickman
267 PVT French Hickman
268 PVT Willie Hickman
269 Wag David M Hilburn
270 PVT Dan Hill
271 PVT Harry Hill
272 PVT James Hill
273 PFC James N Hill
274 PVT Oscar Hill
275 PVT Travis Hill
276 PVT Charlie Holden
277 PVT Clarence B Holden
278 Cook John H Holden Judy Holden
279 PVT Robert W Holden
280 CPL Rothschild Holden Brunswick County Historical Society; Judy Holden
281 SGT Josiah Holt Anonymous
282 PVT Jim Hooper
283 PVT Alonzo Howard
284 SGT Edward G Howard Anonymous
285 PFC Eugene B Howard Anonymous
286 PVT John H Howard
287 PFC Samuel S Hughes
288 PVT Wilton V Hughes
289 PVT Forest Ingle Anonymous
290 Chief Yeoman Alfred Norman Inman Elizabeth A. Albee
291 Carpenters Mate 3rd Class Jay Gould Inman Elizabeth A. Albee
292 PVT Jessie Lee Fayette Inman Judy Holden
293 PVT Joe Robert Inman
294 CPL Luther J Inman
295 PVT William Lafayette Inman
296 PVT Noah J Jackson
297 CPL Randall Hobart Jackson Anonymous
298 PVT Henry James
299 2LT James W James Elizabeth A. Albee
300 PVT Charlie T Jarrell
301 PVT Edwin Wallace Jr Jarrell
302 PVT Roney Oscar Jarrell
303 1LT Joseph William Jelks
304 CPT Sanford S Jenkins Anonymous
305 PVT James Isaac Jenrette Judy Holden
306 Seaman 2nd Class Walter Regan Jenrette
307 PVT Wendell Vivian Jenrette William and Sidney Grove
308 PFC Dossy Jenright
309 PVT Samuel Jinright
310 PVT Charles E Johnson
311 SFC Edward Johnson Anonymous
312 2LT Rangwald Oliver Johnson Anonymous
313 PVT Alex Jones
314 PVT David Jones
315 PVT Dexter Jones Anonymous
316 PVT Donis Jones
317 PVT Frank Jones
318 PFC Ishmond Jones Anonymous
319 SGT Lester Jones Anonymous
320 PFC Murdic Jones William and Sidney Grove
321 PVT Primer (Primus) Jones
322 PVT William Wallace Jones
323 PVT Willie H Jones
324 PVT Charlie Justice
325 CPL Graham C Kelly
326 PVT Jacob Madison King
327 PVT Maurice H King Anonymous
328 PVT Norman King
329 PFC Walter C King
330 PVT William H King
331 PVT Joseph Kinston
332 Seaman 2nd Class Almer Zephy Kirby
333 Wag George Floyd Kirby Brunswick County Historical Society
334 CPL Robert C Kirksey Anonymous
335 PVT Gill W Klutz
336 1LT George Edward Knox Anonymous
337 PVT Joe Clyde Knox
338 Ships Cook 3rd Class Earnest Linwood Krahnke
339 1SG Lee Kye Glenn Kye; Brunswick County Historical Society
340 PVT John W Lancaster
341 PVT Willie Leak
342 Wag William T Ledford Anonymous
343 PVT Grant A Leek
344 PVT Jesse D Lefler Anonymous
345 PFC Walter K Lenard Anonymous
346 Cook Ace C Leonard Brunswick County Historical Society
347 PVT Hanson Hillard Leonard Brunswick County Historical Society
348 PVT James W Leonard Brunswick County Historical Society
349 PVT Jesse James Leonard Brunswick County Historical Society
350 PVT Mack Leonard Brunswick County Historical Society
351 PFC Stacy Harvey Leonard Brunswick County Historical Society
352 Quartermaster Charlie Lewis
353 PVT Cratie Shairk Lewis
354 Lt. j.g. David Elton Lewis Brunswick County Historical Society
355 Seaman 2nd Class John Gillard Lewis
356 PFC John Quincy Lewis
357 Ships Cook 2nd Class Melvin R Lewis
358 CPL Raleigh Thompson Lewis William and Sidney Grove
359 PVT Simon A Lewis
360 PVT Thedford S Lewis Judy Holden
361 PVT William E Lewis
362 PVT William Harrison Lewis
363 Fireman 2nd Class William Thomas Lewis
364 PVT Ellis P Little
365 PFC Barfie Randel Long Judy Holden
366 PVT Benjamin F Long
367 SGT David H Long
368 Cook Elmer Long
369 PFC Otha Long
370 PVT Vanderbilt Long
371 Surfman Joseph Jackson Loughlon
372 Seaman 2nd Class Cecil John Lovick
373 PVT Henson Ludlum
374 LT Kjeld Lund
375 PVT Warren Mapson
376 Sdlr Josiah C Maultsby
377 PVT Daniel McBride
378 PVT Claudie Hall McCall Anonymous
379 Ships Cook 1st Class Edward Eugene McCoy
380 PFC Fred McDonald
381 PVT Arthur McFayden
382 PVT Archibald C McKee Barbara A. Griffin
383 Seaman George Capos McKeithan
384 CPL George P McKeithan William and Sidney Grove
385 Apprentice Seaman Lingern Jewell McKeithan Brunswick County Historical Society
386 PFC Philip J McKeithan
387 SGT Roy McKeithan
388 PFC William D McKeithan
389 SGT William G McKeithan William and Sidney Grove
390 PFC William O McKeithan
391 SGT John Albert McKoy
392 PFC Willie McKoy
393 PVT Willie V McLamb
394 PVT Eliga McMillan
395 PVT Jake McMillan
396 Seaman 2nd Class Thompson McRackan
397 PVT Rufus McRae
398 PVT Walter McRay
399 Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Trevanion Meares
400 PVT William J Melton Anonymous
401 Wag Dorman Lowell Mercer Martha J. Koletar
402 PFC Edward Mercer
403 PVT Duncan Merrick
404 CPL G Gladstone Merritt Elizabeth A. Albee
405 Lt (jg) George K Messick
406 Surfman George Bright Midgett Elizabeth A. Albee
407 Surfman Samuel Edward Midgett Elizabeth A. Albee
408 PFC Dan Miller
409 PVT Edward F Miller
410 PVT William A Miller William and Sidney Grove
411 Seaman 2nd Class Elder Jency Millican
412 CPL Bemon Milligan
413 SFC Daily Milligan
414 Bglr Rich Milligan
415 PVT Talmage Milligan
416 PVT Alvin Alwin Milliken
417 Machinists Mate 2nd Class Charles Elic Milliken
418 PVT Elijah Milliken Anonymous
419 Wag George Manson Milliken Bill and Jayne S. Rankin
420 PVT Sanders Milliken
421 PVT Sandy Milliken
422 PVT Willie Winfield Millinor
423 PVT Edward Anderson Mills Annetta L. Clark
424 PFC John William Mills
425 CPL Bryant Mintz William and Sidney Grove
426 SGT Forney Boston Mintz Russell G. Barlowe
427 CPL Harry C Mintz Anonymous
428 PVT James Roland Mintz
429 PVT John Mintz
430 Seaman 2nd Class John Lofton Mintz
431 Wag Joseph E Mintz
432 SGT Joseph Walker Mintz David and Barbara Ash
433 PFC Leob (Samuel Leob) Mintz
434 PVT Martin Newman Mintz Russell G. Barlowe
435 Fireman 3rd Class Oscar Pearsall Mintz
436 PVT Owen Ransom Mintz Russell G. Barlowe
437 SFC Van Grissett Mintz Russell G. Barlowe
438 Seaman Wrent Mintz
439 PVT George Washington Mitchell
440 PVT Walter B Mitchell
441 PFC George W Mizzell Anonymous
442 PVT Harrison Monroe
443 Machinists Mate 2nd Class Claud Moore
444 SGT Eddie L Moore Anonymous
445 Machinists Mate 1st Class George Harris Moore
446 Surfman Joel L Moore
447 PVT Walter Moore
448 PVT William H Morgan
449 SGT Andrew J Morris William and Sidney Grove
450 PVT Gaston Morris
451 SGT Christopher Roger Morse
452 SGT James H Morse
453 CPL Thomas A Morse
454 PVT John S Moses Elizabeth A. Albee
455 PVT Mike Mosley
456 PVT Willie Moultrie
457 CPL Doctor P Murphy
458 PFC James Murphy
459 PFC Alonzo L Murrell
460 PFC Alvah Leon Nance
461 Wardroom Steward Walter Neal
462 Mess SGT Clyde Needham
463 Surfman No 1 Edward Hill Nelson
464 PFC Erastus Iredell Nelson Russell G. Barlowe
465 Wag Walter Decator Nelson
466 Yeoman 2nd Class Ed Cranmer Newton
467 PVT John Newton Anonymous
468 Surfman John Roe Newton
469 PVT Robert Nixon Anonymous
470 Apprentice Seaman John Norris Elizabeth A. Albee
471 PFC Milton A Northrop
472 PVT Louis Norwood
473 PVT William D O’Quinn
474 PVT Kendrick Whiteleaf Outlaw Russell G. Barlowe
475 PVT David Owens Anonymous
476 PFC Matthew Owens
477 PVT Americons V Page
478 Fireman Sherly Gray Pake Ronald and Norma Eckard
479 Seaman Stanley Clifford Pake Ronald and Norma Eckard
480 Cook Fred Parker
481 PVT Herbert Parker Anonymous
482 PVT Jim Patrick Elizabeth A. Albee
483 Mess Attendant 3rd Class Joseph Patrick
484 CPL Clarence F Peterson Anonymous
485 Seaman 2nd Class Johnie Joseph Peterson
486 Signal Quarterer Master Gustav Petterson
487 Wag Adrian Phelps
488 PVT Harry L Phelps
489 PVT Riley Austin Phelps
490 PVT Cecil Smith Pierce Anonymous
491 PVT Harry Langdon Pigott Russell G. Barlowe
492 CPL Lindsay Pigott Helen B. Radcliffe
493 PVT John H Pigott
494 Surfman No 1 Melvin Marving Pigott
495 PFC James E Pinner
496 No 1 Surfman James L Pinner
497 SGT Richard S Pinner Anonymous
498 PVT Frank Pittman
499 SGT Harold J Pope Anonymous
500 PVT Daniel L Potter
501 Machinists Mate 2nd Class George E Potter
502 Fireman 3rd Class Jack Bell Potter
503 Wag Jackson Berry Potter Dale Coleman Spencer
504 CPL James R Potter
505 Blacksmith Moulder 2nd Class Julius Betts Potter
506 PFC George Powell
507 PVT Philip P Powell
508 PFC Cato T Price
509 PVT Francis Dillard Price
510 PVT Harry/Henry Charlie Price
511 PVT William Price
512 Cook Frank R Proffitt Anonymous
513 PVT Herbert Jones Rabon
514 PVT Luther R Randall Anonymous
515 2LT George Washington Rappleyea Kathryn Carson Kalmanson
516 PVT James Reaves Anonymous
517 PVT Tillman F Reese
518 PVT Ben Reeves
519 SGT Albert Reid Anonymous
520 PVT Charles Moore Reid
521 Seaman 2nd Class Jonothan Jr Reid
522 Machinist 1st Class Albert Fowells Reynolds
523 Machinists Mate 2nd Class David Reynolds
524 PVT Isham Melton Reynolds
525 PVT John Reynolds
526 PVT Luther P Reynolds
527 PVT Solomon Cres Reynolds
528 Seaman 2nd Class Thurston Vance Reynolds
529 PFC Vance Reynolds
530 PVT Joe P Rhodes
531 SGT Charles F Rich William and Sidney Grove
532 SGT Harvey J Richardson Anonymous
533 Lt Commander Agustine Watchman Rieger
534 PVT Andrew Jethro Robbins Mike and Joyce Crabtree
535 PVT Andrew Jackson Jr Robbins Mike and Joyce Crabtree
536 Machinist Mate 2nd Class Benjamin Drew Robbins Mike and Joyce Crabtree
537 PVT James Alonzo Robbins Mike and Joyce Crabtree
538 Fireman 2nd class Marvin Earl Robbins Mike and Joyce Crabtree
539 PVT Robert Eugene Robbins Joyce Crabtree
540 Machinist Mate 2nd Class Samuel Houston Sr Robbins Mike and Joyce Crabtree
541 PVT Walter Clyde Sr Robbins Mike and Joyce Crabtree
542 PVT William Roberts
543 PVT Earnest Linwood Robinson
544 PVT Eather Rodwell
545 SGT John H Rogers
546 PVT John Hanson Roper
547 PFC Thomas B Roper
548 Apprentice Seaman Samuel Charlie Ross Ronald and Norma Eckard
549 PFC David Rourk
550 2LT Harry Elma Rourk
551 PVT William A Rourk
552 Electrician 2nd Class Radio Operator Asa D Ruark
553 1LT William Thomas Ruark
554 Electrician 1st Class General Albert Russ
555 Seaman 2nd Class Burris Lee Russ William and Sidney Grove
556 1LT Christopher Cleveland Russ
557 PFC Hardy W Russ Barbara A. Griffin
558 PVT Hiram R Russ Anonymous
559 PVT Charlie Rutland
560 CPL George Rutland
561 PVT John Moss Rutland
562 PVT John Franklin Rutland
563 PVT Samuel Rutledge
564 PVT Jerome Sampson
565 PFC Will W Schulken
566 PFC Henry Selectman Anonymous
567 PVT Benjamin H Sellers Barbara A. Griffin
568 Mech Chesley Burgwyn Sellers
569 Mech Craven Ledrew Sellers Kathryn Carson Kalmanson; Brunswick County Historical Society
570 PVT Harry Sellers
571 Wag Herbert Teller Sellers Kathryn Carson Kalmanson; Brunswick County Historical Society
572 PFC Nash M Sellers Anonymous
573 PVT Oscar David Sellers
574 CPL Rufus Earl Sellers Cindy Sellers
575 PFC Ervin V Shelton Anonymous
576 CPL Edward M Shepherd
577 PFC Robert W Sholar Anonymous
578 CPL Allen M Simmons
579 PVT Ely Simmons
580 PVT Quince Albert Simmons
581 CPL Vander L Simmons Anonymous
582 Seaman 2nd Class Walter Leon Simmons William and Sidney Grove
583 Surfman Brady Simms
584 1SG Joe S Simpson Anonymous
585 Fireman 2nd class Earl Farleigh Singletary
586 Wag John Henry Singleton
587 PVT Forest Sipe Anonymous
588 PVT Everett Jasper Skipper
589 CPL George Leonard Skipper
590 Wag James D Skipper
591 PFC John Jerry Skipper
592 PFC Lindsay Skipper
593 PVT Thomas L Skipper Barbara A. Griffin
594 Wag Wesley W Skipper
595 PVT Benjamin Bantie Smith Jayne S. Rankin
596 CPL Curtis L Smith
597 PFC Goodman E Smith Russell G. Barlowe
598 Surfman James Edward Smith Russell G. Barlowe
599 PVT John R Smith Russell G. Barlowe
600 PVT Joseph S Smith Russell G. Barlowe
601 PVT Lacy Smith Russell G. Barlowe
602 PVT Lawrence Boyington Smith Lori and Dave Testa
603 PVT Percy Allen Smith Russell G. Barlowe
604 PFC Robert Fulton Smith Anonymous
605 PVT Thomas S Smith Russell G. Barlowe
606 PFC Trafton Smith Anonymous
607 PVT Walker O Smith Russell G. Barlowe
608 1LT William Barclay Smith Anonymous
609 Bglr William Ralph Smith Russell G. Barlowe
610 PVT Willie W Smith Anonymous
611 Wag Joseph A Sneed Anonymous
612 Surfman Hildur Sorenson Russell G. Barlowe
613 Surfman Clarence Spencer Russell G. Barlowe
614 Machinists Mate 1st Class Donald Fisher St George Russell G. Barlowe
615 Ensign Prov Robert Cross St George Russell G. Barlowe
616 Ensign William Bellamy St George Russell G. Barlowe
617 Seaman 2nd Class Walter Marion Stanaland Ronald and Norma Eckard
618 Fireman 2nd Class Thomas Stanland Russell G. Barlowe
619 PVT Byron Willie Stanley Russell G. Barlowe
620 PVT Claudie L Stanley Russell G. Barlowe
621 PVT James Stanley Russell G. Barlowe
622 PVT Norman Stanley Russell G. Barlowe
623 PVT Robert Bollie Stanley Allen Dunstan
624 PVT Robert L Stanley Russell G. Barlowe
625 Coal Heaver William Ernest Stanley Russell G. Barlowe
626 SGT William Herbert Stanley Russell G. Barlowe
627 PVT Anthony Stewart Russell G. Barlowe
628 PVT Fenner Satterthwaite Stickney Ronald and Norma Eckard
629 Wardroom Cook Robert Stratmon Russell G. Barlowe
630 PVT Robert Street Ronald and Norma Eckard
631 PVT Bryant Sullivan Russell G. Barlowe
632 PFC John Summersette Russell G. Barlowe
633 PFC James D Sutton Russell G. Barlowe
634 PVT Daniel R Swain Russell G. Barlowe
635 PVT Ernest Swain Russell G. Barlowe
636 1SG George T Swain Russell G. Barlowe
637 Coxswain John R Swain Russell G. Barlowe
638 Seaman Kenneth Brinkman Swain Russell G. Barlowe
639 PVT Samuel Claudius Swain Diane Price
640 PVT Waverly Randolph Sydnor Anonymous
641 Surfman Harvey Taylor Elizabeth A. Albee
642 CPL William H Taylor Anonymous
643 PVT W Dillard Tharp Russell G. Barlowe
644 PVT Charles A Thomas Ronald and Norma Eckard
645 PVT Foster C Thomas Ronald and Norma Eckard
646 CPL Archie F Thompson William and Sidney Grove
647 PVT Donald B Thompson Ronald and Norma Eckard
648 SGT James W Thompson William and Sidney Grove
649 PVT William Thompson Russell G. Barlowe
650 PVT Willie Thornwell Russell G. Barlowe
651 PVT Moses Timmons Russell G. Barlowe
652 SGT Martin A Tonker Anonymous
653 SGT Jesse B Triplett Brooke E. Triplett
654 PVT John H Troy Ronald and Norma Eckard
655 PVT James N Tucker Russell G. Barlowe
656 PVT John Thomas Tucker Russell G. Barlowe
657 PFC William King Usher Russell G. Barlowe
658 Seaman Jack Vereen Johnie Vereen, Jr; Brunswick County Historical Society
659 CPL Johnie Vereen Johnie Vereen, Jr; Brunswick County Historical Society
660 SGT Pearl P Vereen Johnie Vereen, Jr; Brunswick County Historical Society
661 PVT Jack Vernon Russell G. Barlowe
662 PFC Ashley Vick Russell G. Barlowe
663 PVT Tony Lonnie Waddell Russell G. Barlowe
664 PVT Carey O Waddy Russell G. Barlowe
665 PVT Eddie Crammer Wadkins Russell G. Barlowe
666 PFC Daniel R Walker William and Sidney Grove
667 PVT Hezekiah Walker Russell G. Barlowe
668 1LT Morgan Decator Walker Anonymous
669 SGT Joseph Sylvester Walton Anonymous
670 CPL Herbert Burnell Ward Russell G. Barlowe
671 PVT Guy Ellis Watson Russell G. Barlowe
672 PVT Norman Watters Russell G. Barlowe
673 Quartermaster 1st Class Charles E Watts Russell G. Barlowe
674 PVT John T Watts Russell G. Barlowe
675 PFC James Wesley Weathers Russell G. Barlowe
676 PVT Jesse M Weeks Russell G. Barlowe
677 SGT Alfred C Welling Anonymous
678 CPT Benjamin West Anonymous
679 Surfman John Westcott Russell G. Barlowe
680 COL Harry Kidder White Harriette Bode
681 CPL Willie T White Anonymous
682 SFC Bartley Wild Anonymous
683 CPL Calvin P Willets Russell G. Barlowe
684 Water Tender Ardian Leroy Willetts Russell G. Barlowe
685 PVT Frederick Arnold Willetts Great-nieces Sue Jones Jordan and Maggie Faulkner Harper
686 PVT George Finnis Willetts Granddaughters Darlene Willetts McGee, Joann Willetts Neal, and Beth Willetts Osborne
687 PVT Henry L Willetts Russell G. Barlowe
688 PVT William Edgar Willetts Daughter Mary Willetts Earp and Niece Anne Willetts Jones
689 PFC Albert Warren Williams Russell G. Barlowe
690 PVT Benjamin F Williams Russell G. Barlowe
691 PVT David Williams Russell G. Barlowe
692 PVT Frederick Williams Russell G. Barlowe
693 CPL Henry D Williams Russell G. Barlowe
694 PVT James Williams Russell G. Barlowe
695 Blacksmith 2nd Class Joseph Mariman Williams William and Sidney Grove
696 Seaman Leroy Williams Russell G. Barlowe
697 PFC Leroy T Williams Anonymous
698 Fireman 2nd class Leslie Williams Russell G. Barlowe
699 Mech Marion Francis Williams Russell G. Barlowe
700 PVT Napoleon Williams Russell G. Barlowe
701 PFC Oliver Williams Russell G. Barlowe
702 PVT Richard W Williams Russell G. Barlowe
703 Mess Attendant 3rd Class Roger Williams Russell G. Barlowe
704 PVT Samuel Quincey Williams Russell G. Barlowe
705 PVT Samuel Williams Russell G. Barlowe
706 PVT Shelly Williams Russell G. Barlowe
707 PVT Sidney Williams Russell G. Barlowe
708 Nurse Susie A Williams David and Barbara Ash; Robert C. and Helen Radcliffe; Elizabeth A. Albee
709 PVT Willie Henry Williams Russell G. Barlowe
710 SGT Worth D Williams Russell G. Barlowe
711 PVT Zade McLoud Williams Brunswick County Historical Society
712 Surfman Bertie Willis Elizabeth A. Albee
713 Fireman 2nd class Charles Gable Willis Elizabeth A. Albee
714 Surfman Charles Grover Willis Elizabeth A. Albee
715 PVT John Willis Russell G. Barlowe
716 PVT Martin Ross Willis Anonymous
717 PVT Fred Wilson Elizabeth A. Albee
718 CPL German Wilson Anonymous
719 PVT James Eveleth Wilson Russell G. Barlowe
720 PFC Jesse James Wilson Russell G. Barlowe
721 PVT Samuel Wilson Russell G. Barlowe
722 PVT Guss Wooten Anonymous
723 Cook Charlie T Wrenn Anonymous
724 PVT William Wright Anonymous