Derby Day Fundraiser: May 2018

Commemorating the WWI Centennial

Be a proud supporter of the rifle range and those who served

May 5, 2018
2:30pm – 7:00pm

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2018 Kentucky Derby Flyer

2018 Derby Day Horse Names for Tabletop Races

Races are in honor of wounded or fallen Brunswick County veterans of WWI, using mottoes, names, locations, or nicknames of units. Race #6 is in honor of Fort Caswell/Brunswick County nurses, using their residence at enlistment.
$10 Buys a Horse, email

Race #1: Horse Names
Race #2: Horse Names
Virtue Kindles Strength Work all Night, Fight all Day
Second to None Always Courageous
Wandering 11th Undaunted
Everlasting Support Always Faithful
Third North Carolina Camp Grant
Sapper Steel Deeds, Not Words
Race #3: Horse Names
Race #4: Horse Names
Depot Brigade Sincerity and Strength
Pioneer Hindenburg Line
Oozlefinch Let Us Try
Camp Stuart Old Hickory
Nothing is Impossible Awarded for Valor
Camp Wadsworth The 120th
Race #5: Horse Names Race #6: Horse Names
Buffalo Soldier Southport
Wildcat Asheville
Ferocious Lion Charlotte
The 119th Denver
Hornet’s Nest Allentown
Red Devil Cumberland

More details on soldiers honored and explanation of horse names:
Memorial Races

Many volunteers needed!

Please contact Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range to volunteer. Thank you!

  • Manage basket raffles: 2-3 volunteers
  • Sell 50-50 tickets: 2 volunteers
  • Sell blind pool tickets: 2 volunteers
  • Manage and sell Kentucky Derby race horse tickets: 2 volunteers
  • Manage and sell Tabletop race tickets: 2 volunteers
  • Serve meal, drinks, and cake: 6 volunteers
  • Monitor Artifact/Wall of Honor room: 1 volunteer
  • Accept donations/prepare certificates for Honor a Brunswick County WWI Veteran: 1 volunteer


To read published articles about the Derby Day Fundraiser through the years, use the News tab at the top of the website.